Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cellular Stalker or just that dedicated?

Okay so I met a guy several months ago. Went out on two dates with him but was just not into him for several reasons which I won’t go into this time around. In any event I kind of just let things die down in hopes that he would take the hint. Does this sound heartless? I have a general thought that the longer you know someone/ go out with someone the more respect you should give them if things don’t work out. So if you’ve been dating someone for two months but just don’t feel that it’s going anywhere then you should, out of courtesy, talk to them and let them know how you feel. But if you’ve only gone out with someone once or twice it might be okay to just stop calling. This happens a lot so this “philosophy” is not uniquely mine. People do this to each other, right or wrong, all the time. It’s happened to me, I’ve done it to others. The world goes round. The idea, I suppose is that you just aren’t close enough after one/two dates to expect anything from anyone.

This guy, in particular, I did not chat on the phone with and we went out twice in the span of a month. He mostly contacted me via text messages which I didn’t particularly care for as the major source of communication. Anywho, he would send texts daily. Nothing exciting- just “how are you” or “good morning”. I would respond. But after a while it became tedious as it was hard to walk around my building at work to find a signal to respond and after I lost interest the trouble didn’t seem worth it.

Eventually I stopped responding.

He still kept texting.

I still was not responding.

To this day I get a text from him once a week (as opposed to initially every day). It has been say 4 months since our last date and last conversation. Why is he still texting me? Seriously- any thoughts people?

As I’ve mentioned in
past posts, I’ve gotten the people who have texted me like a year after I met them as if I should remember them. That’s weird in itself but this dedication to texting me is something totally different. The messages are pretty simple as stated earlier but the fact that he is still making the effort is perplexing. Why? Can he not know I’m not into him? I can’t help but find it a bit creepy now… Maybe this is a lesson to just tell someone you just aren’t that into them even after just one/two dates?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Things that put me in a Hulk-like Rage!

Hulk smash!

So I keep seeing advertisements for the Incredible Hulk which I haven't seen yet but am quite interested in checking out. Anywho, the anger of the hulk coupled with the annoyances of life inspired me to type this post about things that basically piss me off enough to make other's glad I don't go green!

1) People who litter. While I'm hardly a full time tree hugger, I do dabble in the protecting of the earth bit. The other day I was in an all out outrage when I saw some jerk in a red nissan versa throw out not one but two snotty tissues on the road. I actually opened my mouth in shock. Do people still do that? Do people still really throw crap out on the ground? I drove past him with an angry glare (not that he saw me) but I was hot like fire!

2) People who don't do what they say they will to your detriment. Like say purchase plane tickets or book a hotel or pay a bill and now you gotta pay penalty, late or extra fees. I hates to part with my money, especially when our togetherness is so fleeting! Paying extra because I relied on another to get the job done and it doesn't get done just burns me up!

3)Ordering something from a fast food place and then taking it home and finding it's not the right order! Shame on you for even eating fast food that's what you get you say? Don't judge me! If I order a darn chicken sandwich with NO FREAKIN MAYO don't put that crap on my food! I don't care if I paid only a $1 for it - you said Have it Your Way!! And now I have to scrape it off but it never all goes away. It doesn't. Or say I ordered a chicken sandwich and got a burger, now I can't eat it (cause I don't eat red meat) and I'm hungry and lazy ( seeing as I went to get fast food in the first place) so I don't feel like going back! Grrrr

4)Unexpected bills! As I've noted above, this lady is on a budget. I hate to see bills pop up that were not part of my plan. Case in point- I went to the doc's to get some lab testing (no worries good readers, all two of you, I am A-OK) and then went about my merry little way. A week or two later I get a nice bill for about $150. I am seeing red! All I ask is that if the insurance isn't going to cover it all, let a sista know before hand so she can be prepared. I've had doctors usually give a heads up, not this time though! Fire!

5)When I DVR something and then can't find it when I'm all ready to watch it because my busted DVR system didn't do it's dang job! Granted in this day and age if you have the internet you can catch most episodes of your shows on the computer but still I want to watch it on my TV not my little labtop screen. I taped an obscure foreign series and my blasted DVR has not properly taped them (either not at all or cut off early). And I can't find the episodes on the Internet. In fact, hold on let me go see if it recorded it the third time around....

NOPE! Cat Smash!!! I'm beginning to think that perhaps my DVR just does not like this particular show...

That's all for now I'm sure more will come!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So I thought I could dance...

Okay you may not know this but I am a bit of a reality TV addict. I don't watch everything- hey I have my limits (and Flavor of Love 3 was it!) But during the writer's strike and during the summer hiatus sometimes that's all a gal who waste too much time watching the tube has got!

Anywho, right now my favorites are She's Got the Look, Project Runway (well it starts in July), the Real World Hollywood (I gave it up but got plugged back in when they moved to Hollywood but I'm not loyal to it), America's Best Dance Crew, Big Brother (it too starts in July) and So You Think you Can Dance.

Okay, one thing I love about the dance shows is that it inspires me to get my bum off the bed and get fit. Nothing like seeing someone do a high kick that get's you motivated to see how flexible you are. One high kick and an attempt at a solid back bend later( which resulted in very bad things) and I have decided to get on the Yoga train.

I run, I walk, I do weights, I do dance, I do Pilates but it hasn't made me as flexible as I like (although Pilates is great for the back and stomach). I'm not training to audition for Cirque de Solei but I have problems with my knees and my back and need to get right. I'm 20 something not 50 something! I don't want to be pushing a walker at 40! So I'm flex training and strength training. It's never too late (I hope) to get my figure toned and limber.

And I don't care if I'm the only person who see's that I can do the back bend with the best of them or lift my leg to my ear (ok, that's just not happening without an accompanying visit to the ER). Anywho I'm doing this for me and my health.

So maybe in the next couple of years I'll be joining the ranks of Madonna and Sting with my crazy Yoga poses...maybe.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hmm- Should I be offened?

I'm a fan of Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr but I had to stop and scratch my head when I saw this trailer for their new movie Tropic Thunder.

Obviously controversey is already out there even though the trailers have yet to really hit the tube.

I try not to be overly sensitive to some things but its a struggle in progress to me. I understand Downey's character is not suppossed to be black (this isn't Imitation of Life here where we have a white woman playing a biracial/black woman). His character is a white man who is an extreme method actor who undergoes procedures to make his skin darker, change his nose and gets a hair transplant. Even the "real" black character in the movie comments on the "wrongness" of it all. See, the plot revolves around actors who play soldiers in a movie but they actually get caught up in a real war. Downey's character gets the role of the lead black soldier which his actual black costar in the movie is angered about as he has a lesser role and is actually black.

I'm not comfortable.

Obviously there was no mal intentions in creating this. Downey's character is hardly the Black Face we've seen in our history. And we must be honest, many people have done the scenario in recent years (White Chicks, Busta Rymes video, Tracy Ullman , Eddie Murphy (he's done white and asian)).Granted other than Tracy Ullman, I haven't seen too many white people do black face in this day and age but isn't it fair game if black people have done "white face"? Or is the wound of our racist history still to fresh to "go there"? I mean, its not like there was a history of "white face" used to oppress and beat down white people.
I don't know, I want to give the movie a fair shot and hear about how they handle it.

Too Picky?

Okay so I was listening to the radio on a pleasent yet mad early drive to work this morning. On one of my regular favorite stations the DJs have a weekly thing where they have a person get a chance to confront someone that did them wrong or something of the sort. Today a woman gets a chance to confront a guy who she went out on two dates with who suddenly disappeared. She explained that they had two great dates and then suddenly the guy disappeared. The dj's asked if she had "relations" with the guy and she said they fooled around but it didn't go that far and he didn't seem disappointed.

So they now include the guy and ask him about his version of the dates. He says she was nice but he tended to have a three strike rule - if he notices three things wrong with someone he doesn't continue to see them. I'm thinking okay, let's hear what she did.

Strike one- her bra and panties didn't match. Side note- question guys- do you really care if a woman's undies don't match- is that the ultimate goal? I didn't get it, neither did the DJ. Buy her a matching Vickies set a move on!

Strike two- her nails and toes weren't manicured. Okay if she was sporting talons on her feet and dirty fingers I can see the distain but this can be rectified easily. I wonder how bad they truly were.

Strike three- her teeth weren't white enough
Kay- if she had teeth the color of big bird that might be a bit disturbing but if they were ivory instead of snow white then I'm not with him there. I certainly find missing and/or gold/platinum teeth a strike in my book though.

Mind you the dj's instantly sided with the woman (who added that the guys teeth were capped so she could never get his artificial whitness without dentist intervention). The guy (35 years old) replied that he had a right to have standards and that women do, why not him.

But are women that pickey? And if the situation was in reverse the djs assured him they'd react the same way.

Just wondering if this guy is picker than most men or if that kind of superficial easily fixable stuff is really a deal breaker (I mean we aren't talking removing a hump on her back here).

Tagged part Two

Been a slow week but Singletude tagged me with these questions so here goes!

What was I doing 5 years ago?
Clerking at the EEOC during a summer in law school. (yikes I'm getting old)

Five Things On my To Do list today (well today is almost over so tomorrow)
1) Get Gas (I'm almost on E!)
2) Get a Father's Day Gift
3) Go to work (sigh)
4)Plan something to do during the evening (hate to waste a Friday night)
5) Pay some darn bills and fuss at my doctors office for billing me 2.50 (it's not much but its the principle, I paid my full copay by credit card so I didn't short change them!)

Five Snacks I love (even if bad for ya)

1) Doritos
3) large soft pretzels
4) fireballs
5) grapes

Five things I'd do if I was a billionare if I had to spend it all on me
1) Like Singletude, I'd write a book/screenplay
2) Travel the world
3) Hire a personal trainer
4) Hire a proffessional chef to cook all my meals
5)Buy me some land!

Bad Money Habits I have
1) Going out to dinner too much
2) Clothes shopping (though that has died down)
3) Putting things on my credit card (although I stopped that six months ago)
4) Spending money when I've already used all the money in my set budget for the week
5)that's it folks

Five places I've lived
1) Baltimore, MD
2) might count Jacksonville, Florida
3) London, England (for study abroad)
4) no other- I'm rit ta go!

Five Jobs I've had
1)card store retail sales lady
2) receptionist
3) paralegal
4) International Claims Rep at SSA

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shut up and Drive

Just checked out these two articles on Yahoo News! And had to comment.

First up this article is entitled Why Gas in the US is so Cheap. Now I knew where they were going with this but to others not versed in the gas prices of other countries this seems like a ridiculous statement! Although our gas is about $4.00 right now which seems insane, especially when compared to our history of gas growth rising at a much lower pace, in much of Europe the gas is about $8.00 a gallon!

This wide gap is in part due to our love of driving and therefore using more gas than other countries and relatively low taxes, in particular our low gas tax. Many other countries taxes are much higher than ours (but then again their tax dollars earn them free universal health care coverage so I wonder if it all evens out…).

But naturally, goes the article, that doesn’t make us feel any better. After all this was a jump that we couldn’t prepare for (much like our gas and electric and water bill jumps) where in those countries the gas has always been high.

I wish we were an oil producing country like Venezuela where gas is only 12 cents a gallon (can you imagine!)

Of course, the countries with the high gas cost have waaaay better public transportation systems (they better have!) so they aren’t too bad off. So I guess states like Maryland, particularly Baltimore, have to start taking serious action on making a better public transportation system. Hint, hint- maybe even one that can connect us to subway stations that actually go to D.C/V.A. like, I don’t know, Greenbelt, MD? Or more stops that connect to towns in the county like Woodlawn, Towson, Columbia? I’m just saying… Prices aren’t going to go back down significantly, call me negative or a realist but we should be prepared for this to be our new way of life. Might as well get adjusted or start walking more.

On a side note, I’ve looked, not aggressively though, and cannot seem to understand how the price of oil decreased but the cost of gas is still going up? Are we getting played?

Also, for you people trying to conserve your gas (and who isn’t) here is a site that very specifically tells you how to do such-
(btw- apparently the myth that having windows down or using your A.C. eats up gas is not true- the difference between those who do and those who don’t is miniscule, particularly when driving on the highway (the tip is when on the highway use the A.C. when in town use your windows to be more efficient with gas)

In another driving related article 9 out of 10 women, ages 18-43, polled would rather chat up a guy in a fuel efficient car. So listen up all you guys in your fancy sports cars and SUVs, you’ll get more head turns from women in your hybrid. Is this a continued sign that younger people are more earth conscious than before or simply a response to the growing gas costs? What does a gas guzzler actually say about a man that a woman would prefer, say, a Nissan Sentra driver over an SUV driver? That he’s not earth friendly and therefore not suitable to date? That he’s not wise with money? Not sure I could make such a leap although I’m no friend of SUVs or trucks. All I know is one less SUV off the road makes me all the happier. Power to the tree huggers or at the very least, the economically conscious!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Sex and the City Outing

So I checked out Sex and the City on Friday with some gal pals. We went down the fabulous Landmark Theater in downtown Baltimore and you could have sworn there was a fashion show going on because place was packed with women in their “Get em” girl where, complete with fabulous shoes and accessory. Carrie and Samantha would be proud. One comment was “this is the best looking audience ever”. One very kind lady said I looked pretty and asked if I was out on summer break. Bless her heart!
Inside, groups took pictures (mine was one of them) and drank wine and mixed cocktails (the theater usually allows such beverages). Even Danity Kane, who was in the area for a show made an earlier movie but I just missed seeing them.

Anywho, the movie was great. And even though it was nearly 2 ½ hours it didn’t feel like such. No the movie won’t be getting an Oscar but it will keep many of its loyal fans. It was thoroughly enjoyable. The fashion, the love, the fashion, the girl talk… the fashion! And with such mega box office success we’ll be sure to see the rumors of a sequel come true.

After the movies my gals met up with more gals to have none other than cocktails at a trendy lounge in Federal Hill. We drank and talk and kidded around, while dodging drunken Red Sox fans who had invaded our town for the weekend (no offense, new faces always welcomed). Still it felt good to get back in touch with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. And it was heartening to see and hear about groups of friends going to see the movie and relating to the characters and the bonds. Really the show should be renamed Friends and the City because ultimately it’s the bond those girls have that keep the audience going…