Thursday, June 25, 2009


Had to post something about the passing of Micheal Jackson. He was my first celebrity crush. Even with all the controversy he is one of my favorite artist of all time.
Keeping it short.
Here are some of my favorite MJ videos/songs (not only the king of pop but the king of videos)

Remember the Time - tried so hard to do those dances

Billie Jean
- loved the little light up sidewalk, didn't know what the song was about at the time really

Beat It- I think I tried to do the fight/dance scene with my sister when I was younger

Smooth Criminal- Think I actually rented the little movie that was the extension of this song when I was little

The Way You Make Me Feel- I wanted to be that girl walking down the street (although the whole situation in real life was kind of dangerous)

Honorable Mentions

You Rock My World- I loved Chris Tucker in it and of course the dancing

Thriller - of course

Black or White- not my favorite song but loved seeing all the colors of people

In the Closet- thought I could be Naomi Campbell haha

No Video but gotta add Human Nature, Can You Feel It, Ben (sure it was about a rat, but it was sweet)

Rest in peace Mike- you are surely missed!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Best Buddy Comedies

Recently saw the Hangover and absolutely loved it. I adore buddy comedies. It's only something I've come into in recent years but nothing beats the comedy of dudes. Women comedies, wait are there any well known ones. We're funny but there's just something that dudes do- they just take it there, places women wouldn't go without looking unattractive or just stupid which in turn makes them unattractive. The closest one I can remember is the Sweetest Thing with Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair. Should I ever make it as a screen writer, I am going to write a good female comedy on the line of a buddy comedy but still realistic. And it would have to star Anna Farris, she isn't afraid to go there.

"According to the Journal of Popular Film and Television, buddy films emerged in the 1970s in response to the feminist movement. The journal reported, "To punish women for their desire for equality, the buddy film pushes them out of the center of the narrative and replaces the traditional central romantic relationship between a man and a woman with a buddy relationship between two men. By making both protagonists men, the central issue of the film becomes the growth and development of their friendship. Women as potential love interests are thus either eliminated from the narrative space or pushed into the background as side characters.""

Could women really do a comedy where finding love is merely a backdrop to the friendship? Other than my beloved Sex and the City of course- that's kind of a female buddy comedy but still it's not the same as, well here's a list of some of my favorites:

  1. Wedding Crashers- Vince Vaughn made this movie and he's tops at buddy comedies (Swingers was entertaining).
  2. Ghost Busters- it may not count but I think their friendship was key and it was funny to me. I still like watching it.
  3. Old School- a bunch of dudes getting together to make a grown up post college fraternity. And it has Will Ferrell (also loved Anchorman)
  4. I Love You Man- It's really all about friendship and was very entertaining
  5. Superbad- teen buddy comedy, so funny
  6. Tropic Thunder- may not be under that category but its an all male cast, being funny, growing by the end of the movie, so falls under it in my book
  7. Stir Crazy- Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder-comic fun during the eighties
  8. Bad Boys- falls under action but still focuses on their friendship/partnership with lots of laughs
  9. Shaun of the Dead- a funny British horror/buddy comedy
  10. Orange County- My first Jack Black film which I really liked

Any others? I know there are so many more. Hmm, time to get writing on my screenplay.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just wondering...

If we didn’t have the TV or the internet what kind of lives would we lead? Would we do things differently? Pursue alternative careers? Take up a hobby? Be more environmentally conscious and able (ie, know how to build, grow foods).

Why is this weather so crappy? If I wanted to live in a rainy, cloudy, humid city I’d have moved to Seattle, at least I heard it’s a pretty cool city!

Why, even after all this time, are there still no minority lead TV shows on network/non cable television? Seriously, you got to pay to find “ethnic” stars nowadays.

I’m beginning to have a feeling we might go to war with North Korea, it’s the first time I actually am not against a war in my life time (I’m feeling some kind of way about the American journalist being locked up and sentenced for 12 years for inadvertently crossing the North Korean border. One is a mother of a young child and the other has chronic health issues).

Why is it that with this economy hotels to certain cities are still pricey even though the flights to them have gone down? Great, I can get there, but where the heck am I going to stay?

Why is it that DC/MD/VA have some of the highest ticket prices and harshest ticketing in the country? I just got a $100 one for a camera speeding. With all the tickets I’ve paid I have hardly any room to give to another charity, I already give to a Federal and State one on what seems a monthly basis. I thought I had free parking but I’m paying a fee anyway…

Why is it that some people are small boned and others are big boned? What is the evolutionary significance? I get why there are differences in the races or why people are tall or short due to environmental adaption but I wonder why some of us are naturally bigger than others from jump start.

Just wondering…

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No one on the corner got swagga like us

Okay, so my friends and I were dishing about dating and we fused about how there really weren't any dating guides (or they aren't popular) for men. Women have a new tv show, book, site every month about dating. Sure men have books and shows about how to be players or be less of a tool but that's not the same as your average guy book about meeting Ms. Right. Is it because guys are too cocky to believe that they would have some flaws in dating? Why is it that women have to change or accept but it seems men don't?

However, my girls and I thought if were ever actually asked by a guy for some dating advice it would be for a guy to get some swag! A guy with swag can turn his dating value up several notches. Some guys, who've I told this to, seem to believe that it means women only want a bad boy. But there is a difference between a bad boy and a good guy with some self confidence and charm.

I liken the need for swagger in a guy to that of a woman looking her best. You need something to intrigue the opposite sex. If a woman went out to the bar with a muu-muu, a head scarf and bushy eyebrows no one is checking her. To me that's equivalent to a guy with no swagger. A guy has to be able to pull in a woman with a charming personality to get her attention. If he's just sitting there blending in the backdrop with a goofy smile he more than likely won't get a second look.

He doesn't need to be a player or give out any game. He can be a nice, sweet guy but he has to have some bravado, that thing that can make a girl think "okay, this guy is fun" or "this guy has my back, can protect me" or "this guy is interesting I want to know more". He has to have something in addition to being able to open the door for you and paying for your dinner.
That's just my two cents.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I just got back from Puerto Rico and will do a recap later but just saw this clip and thought all those who used to love Saved By The Bell might find this cute!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mirror Mirror- Playing by Numbers

Is it possible that someone thinks they look like Brad Pitt but to society they look more like Jack Black (not to knock on him but there is a marked difference). I have a friend who prefers to date white men but she believes (I don’t) that she appeals mainly to black men due to curvy figure. Hard place to be in if what you are attracted to isn’t attracted to you. I believe she will meet someone who appeals to her.

See my thought is that you should never judge your looks based on the types of guys/girls you attract. Kimora Lee, Heidi Klum, Selma Hayek are but a few prime examples (lets just say their men hit the jack pot superficially wise). At least I tell myself this. However, if one gets approached by 10 Flava Flav look alikes in a row, one can’t help but want to do a reality “mirror” check to reevaluate the image they are presenting to the world. And more importantly should they change their look to achieve attention from their desired type?

Research shows that people tend to date within one or two points of their looks level (not going to touch the fact that people are rating each other since it should be subjective and this study doesn't count in money or fame status which can make a difference). In the study people were given numbers and then they were to search for partners. Needless to say the higher numbers had an easier time and the lower numbers were the last to pick (just because you're a two doesn't mean you want another two). They were going based on the number ranking of what was hot (not necessarily if they thought the person was hot or not). With that in play, if we didn't have the superficial in the way, would we still end up with the same people? Do we actually (even if subconsciously based on how we act or dress) pick or not pick mates based on how attractive we view ourselves? Is physical attraction a man made mate selection tool (that as we've seen changes with time) or a natural tool of evolution/God's method for us to help choose our mates? And if its the latter are cultural influences in what is deemed attractive throwing us off from finding the right people we should naturally be attracted to?