Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No one on the corner got swagga like us

Okay, so my friends and I were dishing about dating and we fused about how there really weren't any dating guides (or they aren't popular) for men. Women have a new tv show, book, site every month about dating. Sure men have books and shows about how to be players or be less of a tool but that's not the same as your average guy book about meeting Ms. Right. Is it because guys are too cocky to believe that they would have some flaws in dating? Why is it that women have to change or accept but it seems men don't?

However, my girls and I thought if were ever actually asked by a guy for some dating advice it would be for a guy to get some swag! A guy with swag can turn his dating value up several notches. Some guys, who've I told this to, seem to believe that it means women only want a bad boy. But there is a difference between a bad boy and a good guy with some self confidence and charm.

I liken the need for swagger in a guy to that of a woman looking her best. You need something to intrigue the opposite sex. If a woman went out to the bar with a muu-muu, a head scarf and bushy eyebrows no one is checking her. To me that's equivalent to a guy with no swagger. A guy has to be able to pull in a woman with a charming personality to get her attention. If he's just sitting there blending in the backdrop with a goofy smile he more than likely won't get a second look.

He doesn't need to be a player or give out any game. He can be a nice, sweet guy but he has to have some bravado, that thing that can make a girl think "okay, this guy is fun" or "this guy has my back, can protect me" or "this guy is interesting I want to know more". He has to have something in addition to being able to open the door for you and paying for your dinner.
That's just my two cents.


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I am 100% in agreement with you. I LOVE a man with swagger.

clnmike said...


Clever Elsie said...

Yup, I completely agree.

As for why there's not as much advice aimed at men, I think it's all about what the market will bear. If men bought that kind of stuff, more of it would be produced for them.

So why don't they buy it? I think they're not as interested in relationships as women are, in general. Sure, they want to take women out, but they're mostly not thinking about how to catch a wife and keep her! Also, there may be some stigma attached to men who care enough about relationships to buy self-help books and watch talk shows, and that would make them shy away from it.

Not Your Average Male said...

Too bad the girls in high school couldn't draw the line as clearly as you did. Many of them wanted the bad boys and that's exactly what they got.

Now they're awaiting their parole & trying to raise their kids alone whilst I advance up the corporate ladder.

Or at least that's what I tell myself to make it feel better, lol.