Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just wondering...

If we didn’t have the TV or the internet what kind of lives would we lead? Would we do things differently? Pursue alternative careers? Take up a hobby? Be more environmentally conscious and able (ie, know how to build, grow foods).

Why is this weather so crappy? If I wanted to live in a rainy, cloudy, humid city I’d have moved to Seattle, at least I heard it’s a pretty cool city!

Why, even after all this time, are there still no minority lead TV shows on network/non cable television? Seriously, you got to pay to find “ethnic” stars nowadays.

I’m beginning to have a feeling we might go to war with North Korea, it’s the first time I actually am not against a war in my life time (I’m feeling some kind of way about the American journalist being locked up and sentenced for 12 years for inadvertently crossing the North Korean border. One is a mother of a young child and the other has chronic health issues).

Why is it that with this economy hotels to certain cities are still pricey even though the flights to them have gone down? Great, I can get there, but where the heck am I going to stay?

Why is it that DC/MD/VA have some of the highest ticket prices and harshest ticketing in the country? I just got a $100 one for a camera speeding. With all the tickets I’ve paid I have hardly any room to give to another charity, I already give to a Federal and State one on what seems a monthly basis. I thought I had free parking but I’m paying a fee anyway…

Why is it that some people are small boned and others are big boned? What is the evolutionary significance? I get why there are differences in the races or why people are tall or short due to environmental adaption but I wonder why some of us are naturally bigger than others from jump start.

Just wondering…


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I was actually going to try and not turn on my laptop for four days. I am leaving this message so I have failed.
I am going to try again just because there was a time when internet wasn't around and I still survived.
I am going to put all my writings in a notebook for those days.

The rainy days and all these storms are zapping the joy from me.

I wonder if doctors acknowledge being big bone? Or do they call it something else?
I think once one told me there is no such thing.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I have no idea how I survived with out the internet!! OH MY GOODNESS!! The TV? For get about it! I live for that TV. LOL

Clever Elsie said...

My name is Elsie, and I am an Internet addict. I don't even apologize for it anymore. It is what it is.

I heard once that Seattle has more rainy days than the Northeast but that the Northeast has a greater overall quantity of precipitation. I believe it!

I'm terrified of war with North Korea. There's actual nuclear power behind their threats to wipe us off the map.

We've gained something like a foot or more in height as a species, so I suspect big-boned individuals have the genetic advantage, and the small-boned will eventually die out.

That sea otter gives me the warm fuzzies. :)