Monday, March 31, 2008

Work It Out

Okay so my friend put me on to the new Danity Kane album and although I was a hater for their first album I must admit that I am really feeling this new one. Perhaps because it’s a pretty fast track album and it makes me want to go out running (and anything that can encourage me to want to exercise gets a gold star, thumbs up, pat on the back from me!). So anyway that got me thinking about different songs that get me pumped to workout.
Here are some of my favorites (new and old).
1) 4 minutes to save the world (almost any of her fast paced songs -Madonna and Justin Timberlake with Timbaland)
2) Jump- House of Pain
3) Gimmie More -Brittney Spears (she may be a little coocoo for cocoa puffs right now but that song gets me on the elliptical!)
4) Just Fine (remix) -Mary J. Blidge and Lil Wayne (not a big Lil Wayne fan but the throw back beat to early rap is great)
5) Crazy -Gnarls Barkley
6) Sexy Back -Justin Timbaland
7) Lose yourself -Eminem
8) Almost any Beyonce/ Destiny’s Child
9) A few J-Lo tracks
10) Please don’t stop the music-Rihanna
11) I gotta get through this- Daniel Beddingfield
12) You and Your Hand- Pink
13) Move your Body – Nina Sky?
14) Promiscuous girl- Nelly Fertado
15) (forgot the title of the complilation) Linkin Park/JayZ
16) Lose Control- Missy Elliot
17) Feedback- Janet Jackson
18) Work It Out – Kanye West
19) Whine Up- Kat DeLuna and Elephant Man (who also makes some workout worthy reggae dance hall songs)
20) World Hold on- Bob Sinclair
21) Let’s Get It Started/ Pump it – Black Eyed Peas
22) When you Gonna Give it Up to Me- Sean Paul
23) Heaven- Cascada? (really, just about any late 90’s early 2000s house/dance song)
24) Can’t get you out of my head- Kylie Minogue
25) Boyz- M.I.A.
26) We Takin Over- DJ Khaled
27) Tambourine- Eve
28) Stronger- Kanye West
29) I Just Wanna Live- Good Charlotte
30) How Far We’ve Come- MatchBox Twenty
31) Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve (I like to run to this)
32) Suddenly I see- KT Turnstall (also like running to this)
33) What I’ve Done- Linkin Park
34) The Creeps- Camille Jones
35) Stop Me- Mark Ronson
36) Lenny Kravitz (I just like him and I’m putting him in here)
37) Last Resort? – Papa Roach
38) Technologic/ One More Time- Daft Punk
39) I got it from my mama- Will.I.AM
40) Teen Spirit- Nirvana
41) Knock You Out- LL Cool J

Any suggestions from you that I should download?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Go, Go, Global Warming

Excerpt I got from Yahoo News-
Andrea ThompsonLiveScience Staff
A vast ice shelf hanging on by a thin strip looks to be the next chunk to break off from the Antarctic Peninsula, the latest sign of global warming's impact on Earth's southernmost continent.Scientists are shocked by the
rapid change of events…
Shark population declining as well as other animals such as bees ( how about cockroaches, they never go anywhere)
Warming may effect Lake Tahoe
Increased hurricane/flooding activity
Threats to fields that grow food
Coastal positioning shifts prompting changes in development to prevent cities from going underwater

Now I hardly confess to being a green-head as I like to say (okay I’ve never said that but whatever). I try to do my bit in recycling paper , reusing plastic bags and electronics, unplug appliances and electronics when not in use, don’t buy a gas guzzling pollutant car, and buying earth friendly light bulbs (although now I hear they are bad to throw out). But if the real threat of global warming doesn’t get you then how about a recognition (this goes to you Mr. Bush) that our environment is changing and not so sure for the better.
While I’m not yet tossing and turning at night over the state of our environment I do get a fear that our grandkids and later descendants will live in a world more akin to the Matrix “real world” than an Adam and Eve garden.

In that spirit, just thought I’d do a little part to post some “green tips” I rummaged around the internet for, for the earth conscious inclined! Have to get my life right and follow these myself! Some of these tips aren’t also earth friendly but they are money friendly and who doesn’t like to save!

1) Steam (like the Dryell products you use in your dryer) instead of dry clean (dry cleaners use harsh chemicals to the environment and humans- okay so I have to pick up my last suit from the dry cleaners and wave a sad farewell)

2) Keep heat around 69 in the winter and air condition around 75 in the summer. (I do this too, not so bad)

3) Use a reusable canvas for shopping instead of plastic or paper shopping bags

4) Cut back on use of plastic water bottles

5) Use reusable batteries

6) Use
Compact Florescent Light (CFL) light bulbs (but because they contain mercury seal them in a plastic bag and see if you can take it to a recycle program, this site tells you more about it

7) Bring your own mug to Starbucks (who knew they did this). It’s 10 cents cheaper and your cutting down on waste by having them fill your
own cup!

8) Wash all clothes in cold water (yes even whites). It’s okay really. I actually do this one!

9) Simply put- recycle! To find out some places check this site out -

10) Drive less (don’t have to tell me twice with these gas prices!)

11) Switch to green power- check this site out to see if your state has green utilities

12) Go to the car wash instead of washing your own car (more efficient, saves water)- My laziness is all for that!

Here are some good sites to check out every now and then and also where I got these tips!,Paid%20Inclusion&pkw=PI&OCID=iSEMPI

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Don’t Bring Up the Past but You’ll be Doomed to Repeat It.

Okay in relationships, some of my friends are anti discussing the past relationships of the guys/girls they are seeing. They don’t want to know about how Cynthia broke your heart or how Melanie nagged you to death or how James had too much baggage. I haven’t ventured further with them to discuss whether this is something they would like to get into later on in the relationship, if its off topic for good or just simply not a first few dates subject of choice.

Maybe I’m doing myself a disservice here but I like to know about a guy’s past relationships early on. Yes, we shouldn’t be judged by our past and while knowing that he let things fall through the cracks with his ex Tess may color how I perceive him now, I’m not so quick to jump ship, I like to give the guy a chance to show he’s different. It’s just nice to know what I may (or may not) be working with. Perhaps it keeps me on guard, for better or worse.
But does this get in to murky waters? Does knowing someone’s past early on doom them from the start?

Do you want to know if the guy (or girl) you are seeing recently broke up with someone he’d been seeing for years and why they ended? Would this effect how much potential you see in anything happening with them (who wants to be the rebound)?

Do you want to know why a person is single? Is that a reasonable question?
Women have it hard in the dating scene and it is becoming more and more common for a woman to be 35 and still single. Will she need to explain herself (“it’s hard out there for a successful woman, or I was engaged, or black women have it tougher” etc).
If the idea is that women have it rough, are we less tolerant of older mean (say, 35 and up) who are still single?
Is the assumption that the world is their oyster so if they are still single it is really because they have this bachelor for life mentality or some other negative relationship connotation?

Is it concerning if someone has a lot of past relationships or hardly any at all? What assumptions do you make from that? That a “serial monogamer” has commitment phobia? Or that the serial dater is not relationship material? Maybe it’s simply that they’ve made bad selections in the dating/relationship partner world. Haven’t won that lottery in love bit?
Will you think positive before negative?

I guess the idea is that we all want to give people the benefit of the doubt but we don’t want to play the fool either. Time is precious. But should we get into someone’s past relationships early on? Like a job or getting a loan where the employer/bank looks into your work history/credit history before they consider/approve you, should this be done in the dating arena? Is it really the same? We learn from our mistakes (even in the working world- No you will not tell your boss where he can shove it again, and nope that Jimmy Choo shopping spree was not worth your now current bad credit) but jobs and banks don’t automatically see that and you may lose out without a defined showing of improvement. Same goes for a relationships.

Yes, you’ve been single since the original cast of the Mickey Mouse show but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to carry a successful relationship.
And yes, your last few relationships failed because you were too jealous or never took her anywhere but you’re changing now, right?

But on the flip side, if a guy or girl is willing to offer this information early on will you turn a deaf ear to it? I mean, it’s “free” insight? Just as long as you try to see the bigger picture, couldn’t it only be helpful? Knowledge is power, right?

Also, are you willing to share your past just as much (because who wants another to know that much about you so soon?) Is divulging information about past relationships like opening up your flaws to the person?
Something to think about…

I love, I like, I hate

Got this post idea from Renaissance Black Woman

I love, I like, I hate

I love thoughtful people (in friendship and relationships)
I love traveling to hip cities.
I love horror movies.
I love pizza (never met one I didn’t like, even the healthy ones).
I love the arts (writing, plays, painting, spoken word, fashion…)

I like sitting outside and reading a good book or magazine (especially on the beach!)
I like Doritos (but do they like me? The extra pounds say no).
I like "urban hiking" in warm weather.
I like shopping (for just about anything, including groceries).
I like to spend time with family and friends doing nothing and everything.

I hate selfish people.
I hate red meat.
I hate cockroaches, okay I hate all bugs (and who really likes roaches besides my highschool science teacher), that’s right even butterflies and lady bugs- YUCK!
I hate mashed potatoes and gravy.
I hate the state of our economy right now- a sista wants to travel to London but our exchange rate for them SUCKS right now.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random things some men do that bug me

I was inspired by The Girl From Park Heights to write this from her post "Some Men are so Damn Oblivious".

Okay, please don’t think me stuck up or a b*&%# but sometimes I can't help but get annoyed when a guy:

1) Knows my full name without me ever giving it to them. See I’m hardly a celebrity so please don’t be upset when it bothers me when you know my FULL NAME and yet I’ve never seen you before! Case in point- a certain security guard recently told me good night using my full name, including the Ms. and all, the other day when I was leaving the office. I respond back politely, then in a panic, I look at him, not knowing the face, I ask “ how do you know my name?” he responds “I saw it this morning when I checked your badge for you to enter the premises.” I nod and leave, a little uneasy. This has happened to me before. There must be at least a thousand people in this building yet you remembered mine! I am not comforted by this at all! (I'll admit this may be because I'm just not that into the guy but still.. )

2) Call me or stop by my domicile without me ever giving you my number or address to place of residency! This has happened to me several times. How'd you get this info buddy? I find it very unsettling. There are surprise visits and then there's stalking...

3) Men with girlfriends/wives/or any significant other- leave me be! Unless we work together, were the best of friends before your marriage, are on the same sports team or some kind of group activity please don’t bother me. I am uncomfortable with you calling me, especially if I never gave you my number, asking me how things are. You are not one of my girlfriends, I don’t watch sports- so what is the purpose of your call? I'm confused. I’d like to avoid any implications of drama at all costs!

4) Which leads me to guys I used to date who contact me out of the blue. Here’s a tip-Don’t. If we haven’t talked since EnVoge was the best darn girl group out there then there’s a valid reason for that. Unless you’ve changed (and I’m not just talking clothing styles) why are you bugging me? And let me tell you people- that is never the case. So if you were an ass in 2001 and are still one now- guess what, my tolerance level hasn’t changed- still don’t wanna talk to you! Respect me enough to know that I deserve better than the jerk you were then and are now.

5) Tell me to smile and no picture taking is involved. Okay- leave me alone! You don’t know what is going on in my life as I walk down the street or hallway. I could have just lost my pet yet it’s all about you and I have to smile everywhere I go like the Chestire cat from Alice in Wonderland. No one is owed a smile. Yes, a smile draws people to you and if I’m in an environment where I want that attention then I’ll smile all day long (should I not be upset about that lost of my pet). But if I’m blue or somewhere I don’t want to be and don’t want to be bugged, acosted or assulted, I’m “mean mugging” till the break of dawn just to make sure I’m not bothered by some crazy fool.

6) When you ask me for my number and I tell you that I have a boyfriend/husband you keep pushing me. Here’s the deal if I were interested I would give you my number. If I was the type to cheat, which I’m not, I would say yes I have a man but here’s my number anyway. The fact that I’ve made a statement such as “I am married” to turn you down should be enough to keep you going. Please don’t make me state that I’m just not interested. I was trying to spare your feelings!

Okay, enough venting. I feel better now!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Need some cash?

Saw this in the yahoo news:

SEATTLE - The Seattle Biomedical Research Institute will pay volunteers as much as $4,000 to be bitten by mosquitoes infected with malaria. Scientists say no lives are in danger because the volunteers can be cured. The institute is testing which vaccines work fastest.

The head of the program, Dr. Patrick Duffy, says volunteers will spend several nights under medical supervision in a hotel.
All of the human trials will be reviewed for safety by the Food and Drug Administration.

Yeah, so I know that there's a strong possibility that we are headed towards a recession but not so sure times are so desperate that I'm willing to be infected with a DEADLY DISEASE to make a little cash! Cure or no cure! And then who wants to be the one with the slow working vaccine? I don't know much about the disease but I can't believe it's an easy time what with it killing you and all. And then how long are the scientist going to let you go without giving you the vaccine. Right after the mosquito (the little bastards) bite you? Or will they wait it out a week? Perhaps wait until the first showing of syptoms.

Here are the syptoms of malaria in case you didn't know:
Malaria is characterized by fever, shivering, pain in the joints, headache and repeated vomiting. The parasite lives in red cells and eventually ruptures them, creating anemia. Severe anemia is often the cause of death in areas with intense malaria transmission. If left untreated, the disease progresses to severe malaria and results in convulsions and coma. (taken from the medical center's website)

Not sure how long it takes for the syptoms to show but not sure I'd want to wait around while a parasite parties it up in my red blood cells. *gags ever so slightly* But maybe if they gave the vaccine right after the bite...Nope, nah, I have a 4O1K I can tap into before I'll need that money that badly.

But hey, if you do need some dough (and hopefully a nice hotel stay) here's the web address-
I won't judge!